New Bitcoin All Time High!

BTC breaks $23K! Time for a pulse check.

Big Week for Bitcoin

Just days ago, we saw that bitcoin was on the cusp of breaking $20,000. If you’re reading this, then you already know…

Bitcoin broke through $20,000!

Bitcoin has gone as high as $23,770! What a week it’s been already. That’s why we wanted to send a celebratory mid-week email.

Uncharted Waters

Bitcoin is in uncharted waters.

New all time highs also mean that we do not know where the current levels of support or resistance are. Bitcoin has entered a new chapter in its history.

Until we have a clearer sense of where bitcoin is heading, keep an eye on previous resistance at $18,500. A pullback that far seems unlikely, but don’t rule anything out. It’s possible there is new support closer to $20,000.

Crypto Pulse Check

This isn’t financial advice. BUT, it’s a good time to breathe deep and reassess your crypto portfolio (if you have one).

Just because the price action is wildly entertaining, that doesn’t mean you have to do anything besides HODL and enjoy the headlines.

If you’re not trading but would like to do something, it could be beneficial to do an inventory of your cryptocurrency holdings. Where do you hold your crypto? How many wallets do you have? Are they secure? Do you have a handle on the transactions you’re making?

Crypto is no different than the rest of your finances. Make note of your behaviors. Consider whether or not you need to consolidate any holdings or reevaluate how you secure or transact your crypto.

Sometimes—the simpler the better.

For now though, celebrate the new ATH!

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$23,247.11—the price of bitcoin today.

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